MR. NGUYEN VIET TRUNG fake documents

1 year ago

It is hereby that we, GAS EXTRA INC LTD., would like to inform anyone and everyone that the documents which have been created in the name of MR. NGUYEN VIET TRUNG passport no. C0766717 and nationality VIETNAMESE are all fake and have not been issued, validated, or confirmed by GAS EXTRA INC LTD and the said person is using all those documents for scamming, fraudulent purposes and tarnishing the credit and fame of the company and GAS EXTRA INC LTD or the board members of this company have no relationship whatsoever with the said person.

Also, this said person has no title or role in GAS EXTRA INC LTD's board and any claim by this person is invalid and a lie and he is not entitled to any legal or extrajudicial connection or authorities whatsoever in GAS EXTRA INC LTD.

GAS EXTRA INC LTD. won't take any responsibilities whatsoever for and because of any damages or losses that may or may not have been caused by these documents and GAS EXTRA INC LTD and parent company SAAYEAH CO LTD. will pursue this violation and will claim all the damages or losses that are caused by this person to GAS EXTRA INC LTD. The situation was brought to the notice of legal authorities.

All for Good. Good for All.