No Relationship with Mr. Mahmut Karakecili

1 year ago

It is hereby that, Mr. Peyman Ghezelbash, founder and owner of SAAYEAH CO LTD., GAS EXTRA INC LTD., DEBIT TRADING LTD., and SOLOMON UNIVERSAL INS & LOAN CO LTD. would like to inform you that he or any of his companies has never been and is not involved in any way or form including signing any contracts or power attorneys or even an oral connection or meetings including (through phone or physically) with Mr. Mahmut Karakecili, with Turkish passport no. U26760832 or any of his companies including but not limited to MAXAM LPP SWISS AG., MAXAM INSAAT GAYRIMENKUL ANONIM SIRKETI, and MAXAM OIL GMBH. Any documents presented by him that bear the name of the mentioned companies or any of these companies’ employee has never been and is not approved by Mr. Peyman Ghezelbash and the companies’ board and lack any validity and our company will not take any responsibilities whatsoever in any authority of any form.

All for Good. Good for All.